Introduction to The One Question

In this video we explain the premise of The One Question.


'The One Question' teaching

'The One Question' is a post-awakening teaching that points beyond thinking, knowing, even experiencing. It points beyond the conceptual and experiential, and beyond awareness itself. It can lead to seeing more clearly how what is called reality appears to come into existence. In the video below, Ken goes more in depth into what The One Question is about.


The One Question leads to: 

  • An important leap forward on the path of awakening. It is not only a quantitative leap. It’s a qualitative shift as well, a new depth is discovered, veils are lifted that were not yet seen.
  • See clearly how the individualized self is reconstructed again and again, which helps diminish or eliminate the looping of this reconstruction.
  • Bringing to light (and letting go of) remaining identifications that create the experience of oscillation, which diminishes the occurrence of it.
  • Deepening clarity of what it means to be awake awareness moment to moment. It is not just a difference in how ‘you' experience life, it is a difference in the realization of what experiences life.

With this program, you will learn:

  • How to realize that everyday situations such as listening and speaking are continually triggering an unconscious identification, and how to really experience listening and speaking from and as awake awareness.
  • How to identify and let go of the identification to habitual parts or aspects of the default mode network.
  • How to clearly see how and when the process of identification occurs, and how not to be caught by it.
  • How to identify the many ways subtle re-identification resurfaces in various specific aspects of our daily life, and go beyond them.
  • How to make decisions from awake awareness instead of as the default network, to live life as a natural flow.
  • How to release blocks to the unfolding of flow, to experience life as awake awareness moving through form.

"The One Question was a great experience, even for someone in a “deeper” location. Ken and Brigitte are terrific, knowledgeable, super non-dual teachers, and completely available. There was much benefit to be gleaned, even though everything is perfect!! love, Patti "

Patti Levin

The Wheel of Illusion & The One Question

Call Replay Jan. 13rd 2019



- 3 Additional Live Calls
- 8 Call Replays a former Run of the Course.


This workshop is not just about practicing The One Question from moment to moment. It is to become the answer to The One Question. Will you benefit from participating? It depends on where you think you are and who you think you are. If you still sometimes believe that you are a person, then you would benefit from participating in the workshop, because what this program points to is not ultimately realized.

Although the answer to The One Question may have been seen and experienced several times when you participated in other workshops or trainings, it often takes time and a sustained effort to be the experience of the perpetual answer to The One Question. When the impression of being a person having the experience of awakening decreases and disappears, it will not be necessary.

Are you already there? Are you still a 'you'? Is the experience of oscillation still present? Perfection is not the goal, but if there were one, it would be clarity, not of the mind or the body, but something that transcends both of them in the clarity of being.

Practice and concentration may take place in a context of isolation but can be greatly accelerated and lead to higher efficiency in the paradigm of a group teaching.

You will know when it's no longer necessary when it will be seen consistently that you are no longer a 'you,' but you're nothing appearing as 'everything,' which at its core, is still 'nothing' (no thing).


A few words from Carl-Axel.



Judy tells us about her experience of The One Question.



Stefan tells us about his experience.



Practical Details

  • This program lasts 8 weeks and starts early 2020
  • Weekly pre-recorded instruction videos
  • 5 live interactive Q&A Zoom calls with Ken & Brigitte.
    • Duration: up to 90 minutes
    • If you are not able to attend the live call, it will be recorded, and the replay will be available the next day
  • Each week:
    • ‘The One Question’ teachings
    • 5 Q&A calls 
    • Live practice, by yourself or in dyads in Zoom break out rooms
    • Debriefing
    • Instructions for the weekly practice
  • BONUS:
    • 3 additional Live Q&A calls 
    • Replays of Q&A calls from the last run of the course.

Calls are recorded. The videos could be used at a later date for teaching purposes, but only Ken and Brigitte will be visible. 

About us

After researching the most effective approaches and combining them with decades of teaching experience, Ken and Brigitte have developed The One Process program to allow everyone access to the experience of awakening. They have developed a non-dual therapy program, designed for therapists that would like to practice therapy from the Self.

They founded The Process AISBL, an international non-profit to promote information and programs about awakening to provide access to all. Together, they have already brought hundreds of students to the door of awakening through their retreats that combine powerful non-dual teachings and practices.

Ken Kelly

Ken was aware of his true nature and the experience of oneness and beyond from a very young age. Raised in a Christian culture, he practiced Buddhist principals for more than ten years and was a teacher of A Course in Miracles.

The different spiritual orientations and traditions are for him only pointers to the truth, which always resides beyond all conceptualizations. He has been teaching “ The One Question ” for two decades, which is a non-dual practice that leads to stabilization and deepening into awakening.

Brigitte Hansoul

Feeling very early the call of truth, and looking to find answers to metaphysical questions, Brigitte turned to science and quantum physics and became a civil engineer specialized in physics. She then became a psychologist and psychoanalytical psychotherapist and ran a care unit in a psychiatric hospital in Brussels. She also practiced numerous other modern therapeutic methods and spiritual psychology. Co-founder of a training institute for psychotherapy, she created the first European program of psychotherapy integrating energy psychology. Brigitte was a pioneer of clinical EFT. She is the co-author of two books: 'EFT, Tapping, and Energy Psychology ' and 'Clinical EFT'. Brigitte also has extensive knowledge of the non-dual approach of A Course in Miracles.

In recent years, she has devoted herself along with Ken to the teaching of awakening and Non-dual therapy through The One Process. 

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"I recently had the good fortune to participate in The One Question workshop. Ken and Brigitte have developed an elegant and targeted approach to further dismantling remaining aspects of self-identification that can tend to remain after initial experiences of awakening. Through the course work, 'I' have been able to see more clearly the mechanisms at work in real time that allow the individualized self to restructure itself, and which has led to a significant reduction in the sense of oscillation. The course was humbling in a very positive way, as the methods helped reveal areas where identification was still taking place that were not seen prior, resulting in a deeper level of freedom. Lastly, Ken and Brigitte are clearly very familiar with the territory. Both their presence and abilities to point to reality were immensely helpful with the understanding, application, and realization of the methods. Highly recommended!"


"What impressed me very much was this question that really helps me to go beyond the “I”, to go beyond the… what I think to be and to go back to what I am really."

Marie B

"What has been achieved in this workshop is that there is only the flow that seems to be another name for consciousness."


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Ken & Brigitte