Healing Transmission with Awake Awareness Meeting !

"Accomplish your mission of light"

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Healing Transmission with Awake Awareness


The current period allows many to realize that great changes are at work and that others will follow.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Over the years, a great change has become clearly visible, palpable, and part of our direct experience: that of planetary awakening.

Today, the call to embody Awareness in form is greater than ever.

If you are following us, if you feel called by this type of teaching, it is probably because this call to play your role is present, however confusing or clear it may appear to you.

In our next meeting we will join in recognizing this call, and we will let go of the fears of following it, the fears of not being up to it.

The ego is not up to it.

But it is not the small self that is called. The one who is called, is you.

Join us on this next meeting to let go of resistance and fears to accomplish your mission of light!

Much love,

Ken and Brigitte