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"For several years now, I have been interested in spirituality and personal development. I attended various seminars, lectures, and workshops dealing subjects such as ‘techniques of meditation, inner peace, unconditional love, and awakening". So far, I didn't really understand what awakening meant and how to find the way. At the "The Awakening Process" seminar chaired by Brigitte and Ken, my vision of awakening changed a lot. Thanks to accurate techniques, practical exercises and simple and precise explanations, the turning point came one day, within my consciousness, which now helps me to continue on this path. In this seminar, Brigitte and Ken were very much available and answered all my questions which gave me a clear understanding of living and understanding, as well as the difference between the mind, the character, the consciousness, the absolute and the relative. At this seminar "The Awakening Process", I get the tools that will help me to climb the path of awakening, a real gift, provided that I keep making some simple practices so that they become a natural state. “Thank you, Brigitte and Ken for this exceptional teaching.""


"I want to share this fabulous adventure, "The Awakening process" chaired by Brigitte Hansoul and Ken Kelly. An intensive seminar towards our true Nature (awakening) of high quality, both in the pedagogic level and in terms of the demystification of what is or is not awakening ... Real upheaval since early November with the first week of "The Awakening Process", completed and intensified by the Advanced seminar "The One Question" in Belgium in mid-December. Practical and simple tools that can be used in everyday life in order to come back and keep this connection with everyday consciousness ... Thus, a true paradigm shift can be done by being that consciousness rather than the character on the relative level. After all these years searching for answers to this call felt from the utmost of me, these seminars helped me to finally let go all of these blocking beliefs that separated me from "what is" and to embody and update this "presence" in the midst of this illusory world in the daily life ... Vigilance is to be made, by monitoring daily the subtle reconstruction of the character and its structure, but this is seen for what it is ... A dream ... This is what I wanted to share you from this precious adventure and if you want to know more: theoneprocess.com. Nice thanks to life, to finally realize "who I am". With my kindness, hug of the heart..."


"Dear Brigitte and Ken, thank you so much for sharing the process ... I didn't even know it was already there, living in me. .. Thinking that I had to be a lotto winner to live "that" .... That only a few could achieve this ... What a joy to discover this ... I can’t find the words ... none just can express it ... It was as if all this is debunked, accessible, touched, lived ... rather than conceptualize it as in other teachings. Thanks for this simplicity and this truth transmitted ... It is the most beautiful gift that was given to me. My heart is overturned and I convey you my huge debt of gratitude ... As I said, I do not find any words to express my feelings, what is experienced ... it's WOW!!!!! And so simple at once.... Thank you for your presence, your simplicity, your living and practical testimony, concrete ... Much, much love"


"My character has been crossed by the intimate knowledge that everything emanates from consciousness and manifests itself by it and for it. I have never experienced such an avalanche of cascaded consciousness. For hours ... and it was sometimes one per second. Everything, absolutely everything suddenly found its place in the great puzzle of the world. I thank What is to have placed you both on my way:-)"


"When I was a child, I often asked myself "What if all this did not exist?" (All this: the physical world, the living things, the galaxies, etc.). During the internship, I understood I was getting the answer. The Awakening process invites to an intensive practical experience, beyond theories and away from great speeches. The practice tools presented during the week help me touch the space of consciousness of what is, a space that encompasses everything and where nothing can get lost. Some words even opened directly the door leading to this space of consciousness. Every day I felt an immense sense of gratitude for everything that is there: it was just wonderful ... This state of being is always there, accessible at every moment. Thank you!"


"Little by little, I felt this calm, this serenity; I felt that a space remained OK in me, even though I was caught in my little stories. Ken provided me "The One question", I take advantage of it, and I could see that everything was still there, the stories of ego and unity. And that I had the choice: I could choose to focus on the wounds of the ego, or I could choose to see, to feel, feel the unity that is still there ... I don't react the same way anymore. I'm less reactive, even if I have an impulsive nature. Even my loved ones remarked it. I laugh more often, more easily. I have no image to preserve ... I know I will still use the ego vehicle, but I am no longer hooked, I know deeply that I am something else."






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